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60 minutes
  • Religious Literacy
  • Educator

  • Identify common issues related to the recognition of religious holidays in the classroom
  • Analyze examples using First Amendment guidance on the appropriate recognition of religious holidays

  • “What the Schools Must Do” by Charles Haynes and Oliver “Buzz” Thomas
    • This video focuses broadly on determining if religion-related school activities are constitutional, with some specific discussion of holidays.


  • “30 Religious Holidays in 60 Seconds” by Interfaith Youth Core
    • This short video runs through a year’s worth of religious holidays in 60 seconds. How many do you recognize? The hosts also discuss several reasons for learning more about what religious holidays are being celebrated in your community.

  • Describe a common holiday activity in your school. What is the academic or secular purpose of this activity? Does it have the effect of promoting or inhibiting religion? How so?
  • Teaching about religious holidays often is limited to December during the “Holiday Season.” However, important holidays from many traditions occur at other times of the year. What are some ways you could incorporate teaching about religious holidays throughout the school year?
  • Parents often want to contribute to classroom activities related to holidays. What are some guidelines you should give parents before they come in to talk about a religious holiday?

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