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60 minutes
  • Religious Literacy
  • Educator

  • Identify the controversies surrounding religious holidays and public schools
  • Evaluate arguments for and against the inclusion of religious holidays on the school calendar

  • “Should Muslim Holidays be added to the NYC Public School Calendar?” by Interfaith Center of New York January 15, 2014
    • At this event, two Muslim community leaders present arguments both for and against the addition of Islamic holidays to the NYC school calendar, which would close schools on those days.
  • “30 Religious Holidays in 60 Seconds” by Interfaith Youth Core
    • This short video runs through a year’s worth of religious holidays in 60 seconds. How many do you recognize? The hosts also discuss several reasons for learning more about what religious holidays are being celebrated in your community.

  • With which argument regarding closing school for religious holidays do you most agree? Why?
  • For what holidays does your district close? How were the decisions made? Does it correspond to the demographics of the school?
  • In the absence of adopting policies regarding school closings, what other accommodations can teachers make for observant students?

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