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60 minutes
  • Religious Literacy
  • Educator

  • Recognize the rights of students’ religious practice and expression in a variety of situations

  • Haynes, C. C., & Thomas, O. S. (2007). Finding Common Ground: A First Amendment Guide to Religion and Public Schools. Nashville, TN: First Amendment Center.
    • Chapter 6: “Student Religious Expression in Public Schools: United States Department of Education Guidelines” (pg. 57-76)
    • Chapter 8: “Student Religious Practices (pg. 89-94)
    • Chapter 16: “Frequently Asked Questions about Religious Liberty in Public Schools” (pg. 231-241)

  • Free Exercise Clause by Charles Haynes and Oliver “Buzz” Thomas

  • What factors should school officials consider when determining if they should accommodate a student’s religious liberty claim under the Free Exercise Clause?
  • In what situations can school officials put restrictions on students free exercise rights?
  • How has, or how might, the protection of students’ religious expression come up in your school? How did/would you respond?

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