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30-60 minutes
  • Current Events
  • Politics
  • 6-12

Participants will put knowledge of visual, verbal and technological advocacy strategies into practice through analysis and digital manipulation of primary sources.

  1. Browse EDTools to select artifacts for your students. Print one artifact page (with summary and caption) per small group.
  2. Review advocacy techniques covered in The Tools to Persuade lesson plan (optional).
  3. Tell your students about the history of each of the artifacts.
  4. Tell students, individually or in small groups, to look closely and select an image or text that conveys a fact.
  5. Students then create an advocacy artifact by adding words or images (whichever is missing) to their selection.

  • Primary sources to examine and print out (download from EDTools)
  • Paper or mobile devices for sketching (suggested tools include, Google Drawing and Instagram)

Ask your students to present their work to the class, then discuss the outcomes. Prompts include:

  • Which project did you find most persuasive? What choices did the authors make that were especially effective?
  • Which tool(s) did you use? Why?
  • Which advocacy strategies were easiest to use? Hardest? Explain.
  • Was it easier to add words or images? Why?

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