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Illustration Depicting Jehovah's Witnesses Battling Satan
Debate Comparison

Campaigning Against Religions

The 9/11 attacks led to a spate of anti-Muslim sentiment and actions, often in the name of national security. But the challenge of balancing religious freedom with public welfare dates from the country's founding.

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60-90 minutes
  • Current Events
  • Politics
  • Religious Liberty
  • 7-12

You're Exploring Freedom of Belief

Can you insult religions?

Jehovah's Witnesses Proslytize on a New England Street

1938: Spreading One Religion, Attacking Another

When a proselytizing group of Jehovah's Witnesses offends Catholic listeners, a street-corner confrontation turns into a Supreme Court case.


2015: Controversial Transit Ads Attack Islam

When the American Freedom Defense Initiative purchases anti-Muslim ads to display on public transit, cities attempt to block them.

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