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30-60 minutes
  • Journalism
  • Media Ethics
  • 6-12

  1. Individually or as a class, read the National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics.
  2. Have each student or small group find five examples of photographs that do or do not comply with the ethical standards. Look for examples in newspapers, magazines and online.
  3. Have each student write a brief paragraph explaining why each photo shows the standard being implemented or shows a lack of the standard. Remind students to attach the examples to their writing.
  4. Have students share their findings and look for similarities.

  • National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics handout (download), one per student or small group 
  • Photojournalists’ Code of Ethics worksheet (download), one per student or small group 
  • Newspapers, magazines or online access to news websites

  • Did most photographs follow the code of ethics?
  • Was it difficult to find examples that violated the standards?
  • Which standards, if any, were violated most often? Why do you think that is?
  • Why is it important for photojournalists to maintain standards?


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