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30-60 minutes
  • Constitution
  • 3-8

  1. Distribute the First Amendment Basics handout and give students a few moments to read it.
  2. As a group, talk through the First Amendment, asking students to define each freedom in their own words.
  3. Distribute the worksheet and have students brainstorm ways in which they use/have used and could use each of the five freedoms. (Students may work individually then pair/share or work in groups.)


  • First Amendment Basics handout and My Five Freedoms worksheet (download), one per student or per small group.

Ask students to reflect on the importance of the First Amendment to them, and how it affects their lives. Possible prompts include:

  • How do you use the five freedoms already? How do you see yourself using them in the future?
  • How would your life be different if these rights were not protected?
  • Which freedom is the most exciting? The most useful to you? Used most often?
  • Which of these freedoms do you think causes the most controversy/debate and why?
  • If you had to eliminate one of these freedoms, which would you pick, and why?

Divide students into five groups, and assign each group one freedom. Have students work individually or as a group to create digital or physical posters that show how their assigned freedom may be exercised. Poster may include words, drawings, collaged images from magazines, newspaper clippings, video links, etc. Display and discuss finished posters.

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