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This Curated Stack is a part of the EDCollection:

  • Interactive

    News or Noise? Media Map

    Explore the different types and quality of information, from television to tweets, that emerged around six stories in the news.

  • Lesson Plan

    Search Signals: Understanding Your Top Hits

    An infographic and explainer video break down some of the often-invisible ways that search engines —and people — make recommendations; then students hunt for these “search signals” to rank and evaluate real examples.

  • Video

    Ask an Expert: Decoding Search

    In this video, Google senior research scientist Dan Russell explains when and why word choice affects online search results, and how to optimize your queries.

  • Lesson Plan

    Search Boosters: How Content Creators Can Game the System

    A graphic illustrates how content creators can boost their search rankings, with an accompanying video that describes each technique; then students plan how they’d apply these strategies to real-world media examples.

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