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This Curated Stack is a part of the EDCollection:

  • Lesson Plan

    Explore the Information Universe

    A map of the “information universe” helps students learn to define and identify different types of content, from fact-based reports to advertising or satire.

  • Interactive

    News or Noise? Media Map

    Explore the different types and quality of information, from television to tweets, that emerged around six stories in the news.

  • Lesson Plan

    Is It News?

    A simple flowchart and video explain how to differentiate news from other types of information; then students put their news-spotting abilities to the test.

  • Video

    Ask an Expert: Breaking News

    In this video, managing editor Sara Kehaulani Goo discusses how NPR prepares for — and decides when to publish — breaking news.

  • Lesson Plan

    Getting to the Source

    A layered graphic helps students understand how a news story goes from raw information – the source – to their newsfeed or text chain; then students zero in on sources in real-life news stories.

  • Video

    Ask an Expert: Anonymous Sources

    In this video, George Washington University professor Michael Freedman explains why anonymous sources are necessary sometimes and the guidelines that govern when and how journalists use them.

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